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Snow White DVD


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Can't wait to get this one. I just pre-ordered it from the Disney Store and I am getting a collector pin, four lithographes, and a free Little Mermaid DVD.

Below is a picture of the cover:
I'll have details about the DVD tomorrow.


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Edition Details:
* Region 1 encoding
* Color, Animated, Closed-captioned, Dolby

Disc One: The Film
* Magic Mirror on the Wall: to guide viewer through all features
* Guided Tour: Tour Guide Angela Lansbury takes you on a VIP
tour of sampling bonus features
* Some Day My Prince Will Come: performed by Barbra Streisand
*"Still the Fairest of Them All: The Making of Snow White"
* "Heigh-Ho" sing-along
* "Dopey's Wild Mine Ride" Game
* "The Goddess of Spring" Silly Symphony animated short
* Audio Commentary by Walt Disney

Disc Two: The Lands of Snow White
* Snow White's Wishing Well (History & Development)
-- Walt Disney biographical timeline
-- Highlights of Walt Disney's life and career
-- Snow White production timeline
-- The evolution of the production
-- Brother's Grimm original version of "Snow White"
-- Storyboard to film comparisons
* The Queen's Castle (Virtual Galleries & More)
-- Visual Development gallery including preliminary designs
and deleted concepts
-- Layouts and background galleries
-- Camera and filter tests including excerpts from the Disney
TV Show "The Story of Silly Symphony" and "Tricks of
Our Trade" with Walt Disney
-- Animation including a featurette on the original voices of
the film
-- Live-Action footage including rare, live-action test footage
featuring dancer Marge Champion
-- Character Design galleries
-- Still art galleries showcase the production designs
* The Queen's Dungeon (Abandoned Concepts)
-- Snow White Meets the Prince storyboard reconstruction
of an alternate scene
-- Some Day My Prince Will Come (Fantasy Version)
storyboard reconstruction
-- a look at the restoration process for the DVD
* The Dwarves' Mine (Rare Treasures)
-- Four partially animated (and one fully-animated) scenes
that did not make the final film plus the original RKO
Opening and End Credits
-- Disney Through the Decades: a new overview of the
Walt Disney Studios from the 1930's to the present
* The Dwarves' Cottage (Wonder of An Era Gone By)
-- The Release: Rare newsreel footage of the Hollywood
premiere at the Carthay Circle Theater
-- Publicity: Theatrical poster designs used to promote
Snow White over 65 Years, press kits and the original
1937 Exhibitor's manual, stills from the premiere, and
-- "A trip through the Walt Disney Studios" and "How Disney
Cartoons are Made"
-- Supplemental Audio including Cecil B. DeMille talks with
Walt Disney about his production and premiere for the
Lux Radio Theater, radio broadcast from the premiere,
Disney Radio program celebration "Snow White Day"
(January 9th, 1938) and deleted song: "Your Never
Too Old to be Young"
* Two Discs


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Sounds great! Probably be years before this DVD is released over here! What is the release date in the US?

I'll have to get a copy when I'm over in September!!


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I just preordered three of them (one for myself and the other for Xmas gifts) and I got Little Mermaid, Fantasia 2000 and Lady and The Tramp DVD's for free. Great deal!


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You get a lot of stuff for just $20.

My shipment sheet the Disneystore sent me said that:

Pin --- Ship by 9/03
Lithographes --- Ship by 9/09
DVD --- Ship by 9/11

But that would be September. Is this a misprint or does anybody else have this on their shipment sheet.


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On my voucher's it states:

"Thank you for purchasing the SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS DVD offer at Disney Store. You must bring this voucher as proof of purchase to redeem your Snow White DVD and additional DVD between October 9th, 2001 and December 31st, 2001."

Your shipment sheet must have been a typo.

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