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Sneak Peek of Pirates Update


Active Member
COOL !! Find. Thanks for sharing can't wait to see it in person July 7th at WDW. :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :wave:


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HandyAndy said:
Wow! Both Cptn Jack and Barbossa look very realsitic!
Shame no sightings of Davy Jones yet!
They're keeping the projector off most of the time to save the hours on the equipment. Trust me, it's nice.

Just wait until they add the new audio tracks :)


New Member
great video, after, i was just reading theres a webcast of the premier at disneyland at 7pm, however I live in england so it will be 3am, is there any chance any of you guys could record for me, and send it? thanks for your help.


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:brick: It made me exit Firefox to watch it. An Internet Explorer-using Kevin is not a happy Kevin.

HOWEVER! Great video. Great audio-animatronics. Looks like it will be a change for the better :D The changes seem kinda subtle, and that's good! :sohappy:

Thanks for the video! :)


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Nice find! Looks very good to me. I just wish they could have kept the Captain of the Wicked Wench somewhere in the attraction, but oh well. I think PotC might now have lines the likes of which we have never seen before.

And the biggest thing of all: SOMETHING POSITIVE HAPPENING IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM! Whoot-Whoot! ;)


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Steamboat_Kevin said:
:brick: It made me exit Firefox to watch it. An Internet Explorer-using Kevin is not a happy Kevin.

Just download "IE Tab" as a Firefox extension and that's all you need.


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MSUGoGreen22 said:
That looks awesome, I'm going on June 30th, anyone think I'll be able to ride by then?

no most likely not it doesn't open until july 7th......this update looks awesome i can't wait to see it!


New Member
WoW! Everything looks great. Nice Find.

The Capt. Jack AA looks and MOVES really good. And Barbosa looks great too.

:brick:DOH!! When the cannons fire they still only light up orange:p


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