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Slinky Dog Fastpass


New Member
I was wondering how many of you were able to secure a fastpass for Slinky Dog dash? And how many days into your trip is you day at HS scheduled for?
I’m staying on site and I’ll be able to book my fastpasses 60 days out on June 20th. My day at HS is planned for the 3rd day into my trip, so Aug 23rd. But I have a back up plan to try and get the FP for the 6th day into my trip, Aug 26th. What do you guys think!? Do you think either day will be available?
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Mr. Spell

New Member
Got one for the 3rd day of our trip at the end of July, this morning was 60 days out for us. So just booked this morning. Was only available for the afternoon though, hoping to modify to get a morning time. I think you will be able to get one as long as you book at your 60 day out time.

For another day on the trip we decided to go with Midway Mania over Swirling Saucer, hoping to rope drop that with the extra morning magic hours.
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