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Slinky Dog Dash vs Test Track

Better ride?

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Better ride?
Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster at Toy Story Land | Walt Disney World Resort
Test Track | Epcot Attractions | Walt Disney World Resort


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Whilst these threads can lead to interesting debates, I think it would perhaps be better not to include the same rides again versus other combinations. Otherwise we've got most of the first page clogged up with a vs b and b vs c all at once, all started within days of each other. Just a thought?


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Not sure why but both of these attractions are pretty much the same in enjoyment for me.

One is a roller coaster that has some pretty good airtime in the back and some good views of the park, the other has an awesome finale but lacks pretty much everywhere else on the ride.


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Original Test Track was better than current Test Track (neither version are even close to World of Motion), but they're both better than Slinky Dog just by virtue of being less generic.

Slinky Dog is more or less a standard exposed track family coaster with little theme beyond the unique ride vehicle. You can get a similar experience at any number of amusement parks around the country.

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