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Slinky Dog Dash rider experience and comments


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The fence really helps put this land to scale. It actually works to enforce the idea you are very very small.

Totally agree. I'm also really liking the night time lighting effects, the way the lights on the track follow the vehicle looks very impressive. I've gone from thinking that this was a great addition for the youngsters that I wouldn't bother with, to actually really wanting to try it out in October when Mrs Merg and I visit.


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How does the intensity of this coaster compare to Big Thunder Mountain or other coaters?
Where would this coaster land on a list of Disney coaster intensity?


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It looks like a fun addition to HS for the youngsters. I'm probably not one to judge since I haven't even ridden the coaster yet, but now that I watched the full POV, the one thing that disappoints me a little is the stop before the second launch. Originally, I thought it would have went straight into the second launch, kind of like a miniature Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens. Would've been more exciting to just go right into the launch without even having time to think about it, rather than the stop, which kills that feeling. I understand it's not supposed to be an intense ride, though, and that decision was probably made for a reason. Plus, it would've made the duration shorter.

I think everything else about the coaster looks great, though, and maybe my opinions will change when I actually ride it. :) These are just first impressions from a non-rider.

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