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Six Flags Theme Parks Predictions


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Here is my 2022 predictions for Six Flags theme parks:
SFGADV: Bugs Bunny Boomtown & DC Super Friends kids areas
SFOT: Aquaman Power Splash (delayed from 2021)
SFOG: Water Park Expansion
SFM: Park Improving or Larson Giant Super Loop
SFMM: RMC Raptor (Jersey Devil clone)
SFA: S&S Air Launch Coaster
SFSTL: Catwoman's Whip (delayed from 2021)
SFGAM: SkyScreamer
GE: Family Ride
La Ronde: Vipre (delayed from 2021)
SFNE: Water Park Expansion
SFDK: Zamperla Super Air Race
SFDL: Wahoo Wave (delayed from 2021)
FC: SkyScreamer
SFFT: S&S Axis Coaster

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