Sisterly Shenanigans: One Lil Spark and Big Al's Gal attack WDW!

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME!

This is a very picture heavy trip report documenting our first ever 'Sister's Only' trip to WDW. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Please note that this will probably take a day or two to finish and will come in many installations. At any point, you can check out my photo album on my profile page as well!

Now, on to the good stuff...

Featured Players:

Jennifer (One Lil Spark)

Celebrated birthday with trip to WDW.
Enjoys anything EPCOT Center and Carousel of Progress.
Known to randomly burst into song, usually something from EPCOT Center.

Elise (Big Al's Gal)

Younger of the two sisters.
Lover of all things Ariel and Big Al.
Life's goal is to star in the Voyage of the Little Mermaid at DHS.

Our story begins in the mountains of western North Carolina. I woke up bright and early to drive to Dayton, Tn where Elise goes to Bryan College. Once I picked her up, we were off to catch our flight! When we arrived at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, I somehow scored THE front row parking spot. Even though we were incredibly excited to be heading to WDW, I had a hard time leaving my car (which I've affectionately named Molly Weasley).

Drama oozed out of our flight in Chatty to Atlanta, but I won't get into that. (Grrr...) Finally holding our boarding pass made it feel all the more official! Elise's green eyes really burst with excitement, don't they?

After figuring out that Delta pretty much hates me, we were off! The view of the ocean of clouds helped calm me down on the cramped, small plane. All together now, Oooo... Ahhh...​

We arrived in Atlanta for our larger, much more comfy flight to Orlando. During the lay over, we decided to play in the concourse. You'll soon see that we don't like to take serious pictures...​

Once we were finally in the air for the final leg of our trip down, I decided to treat myself to a much deserved $7 Bloody Mary.​

FINALLY, we landed, grabbed our luggage and met up with a friend who drove us home... Home on this trip was the All Star Sports!​

More to come... Stay tuned, folks! :wave:​


I can haz Lights of Winter?
yay! Trip report time!! *is excited* :sohappy::sohappy:

One Lil Spark

EPCOT Center Defender
Original Poster
We woke up bright and early on Friday (2/27) to head to Disney's Hollywood Studios! Though ESPN the Weekend was going on, Elise had only one goal in mind that day: American Idol! We arrived around 8:25am to watch the rope drop, but noticed a peculiar sign...

Elise immediately walked straight up to the screener and her camera man. She sang 'Heard it through the grapevine' and was immediately told she would be on stage for the first show of the day!

Here she is filling out her paper work and basking in the glory...

We were going to watch the rope drop, but she was ushered into the park before opening! Along with 2 other people that made it through the initial screening outside the park's gate and their family, we went backstage into American Idol Experience.

Big Al even got in on the action!

Elise was escorted into the Coke Lounge where she picked her performance song, Walkin' After Midnight.

As the first contestant of the day, she absolutely wowed the judges. A Cast Member grabbed a camera to film her as she came out of the room to tell me she'd made it. They took her outside to film her for a stand up interview that would being used in the show at 11am.


Though I didn't have any pictures of her first show, here's some from the finale. There are a few other Magic members with a ton of amazing pictures of the finale. Hey guys? Perhaps you can post some of yours?

Here's a few of her on stage...


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Elise was to report back to American Idol for the 7pm finale show at 6pm for hair and makeup. We met up with our fellow Magician, James, and began the park shenanigans! At this point, I picked up my birthday button and began to reap the benefits. For instance, I received this free!

Now, onto the random shenanigans...

We made an impromptu ADR at 50's Prime Time Cafe at 2pm. Here's the obligatory food shots...



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OMG! Jenn...seriously I want to go on vacay with you!!! You are so freaking fun!!!

And congrats to your sis for getting on AIE and winning the first round...that's so awesome!!!

I cannot wait to read more of this...this is so awesome. I'm loving all the goofy pics...I wish I took more of those with WHF...we did the first few trips, but we have really slowed down on all the picture taking shenanigans...


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wow so cool! totally enjoying your trip report so far ... i have the same epcot tee. and im totally digging on your vintage mickey red and white tee .. so awesome!! :)


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Yaaaayyy!!! Bring on the goofy pics! ((Not necessarily pics of Goofy..but you know what I mean)) Fun TR! Cool that your sis won her show on AI!

One Lil Spark

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Loving it so far!
Yay for Elise!
Jenn, when were you there???
We were there Feb 23-27.
Thanks! We were there from 2/27 - 3/2. It was so hard to come back home and be a part of the real world again... :eek:

wow so cool! totally enjoying your trip report so far ... i have the same epcot tee. and im totally digging on your vintage mickey red and white tee .. so awesome!! :)
Every day of the trip I wore a different EPCOT Center shirt. In the airport on the way back, I found another on sale in the Disney store that I didn't have. Totally going to rock that bad boy next time.

Elise's vintage Mickey tee was a present I bought her on eBay before the trip. It was only $9 including shipping!

:sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:
James, do you mind posting some of your American Idol pictures since I'm lacking? :kiss:

I cannot imagine that trip without you there! From here on out, you are required to accompany me on any trips I may take to WDW. You rock my socks!

Awesome trip report! I'd love to go on vaca with you guys! :sohappy:
Thanks! We are very silly WDW lovers who know how to have a good time. :D
Yaaaayyy!!! Bring on the goofy pics! ((Not necessarily pics of Goofy..but you know what I mean)) Fun TR! Cool that your sis won her show on AI!
Oh, there are MANY more on the way! Your TR gave me some silly inspiration too. You set the bar pretty high!



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Elise censored the mermaid's chi-chis...

And I censored ________ Van **** to make it suitable for the WDWMagic naughty words filter... (Do you like my Hidden Mickey nails?)

Drew Carey evidentially has the power to frighten small children!

Big Al and Figgie found the key under the mat at Muppet Vision 3D!

You've got a friend in the form of a board game! Whodathunkit?

Who knew James was such a huge Murder She Wrote fan?


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For all you EPCOT Center geeks like myself, the next two pictures should make your inner Tomorrow's Child turn cartwheels! This is from One Man's Dream. This is one of the cool computer/controlly things...

Now, CHECK OUT WHERE IT'S FROM!! Silly Disney, crappy permanent marker can't undo this awesomeness. Ever.

I had these grand plans of doing the ESPN Dream Job, but with Elise killing it at American Idol, we were on a tight leash all day. Just to prove it really was ESPN the Weekend, here's some signage...

Neato American Idol shirt for Elise!

My Canadian lover has smaller hands than I do!

Elise ended up not winning the finale of American Idol at 7pm that evening. It turns out there was a married couple that were in the finale who were professional singers. The husband of the couple won and the wife came in 2nd place. Totally rigged!

By the way, if anyone's interested, here's the judges recap from the American Idol show Elise won. The 'Ryan Seacrest' told her this:
"Elise, you sang Walkin' After Midnight. Charles said you've got a wholesome and sweet quality about you. Patti said you've got it going on. Phillip compared you to an elephant with gastro intestinal problems - very hard to follow."

That's it for DHS!

Stay tuned for the next day... My birthday! :D

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