Shredding the Gnar with Magic Friends


Good Morning to all.

We have a beautiful day here. Sun is shinning. Cool air but not cold. Great day to be outside.:sohappy::sohappy:

Hope everyone has a wonderful happy day.:kiss:


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Good afternoon everyone! :wave: We had about 3" overnight, but the sun has been out most of today, so it is melting off nicely. Mike's working today, but will be home by 4. Hope everyone is well! :kiss::kiss:


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I'm good - we were supposed to be having dinner with he future in-laws tonight, but they postponed 'til next week.


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Hey all :wave: anyone home?

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!

So, any tips on how to get two cats to cohabitate? I'm cat sitting my parent's cat and well, mine doesn't like him so much. Although she is doing better this time, but she's still hissing and growling and I'm sure if he got close enough, she'd try to attack, even though he's shown he means no harm.

No better, huh? I'll bet Opie is all big now... Is he still too "kitten"??

Give him a squish for me!

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