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Should my first time to Seaworld be on a weekday (Friday) or a weekend (Saturday)?


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This will be be my first time going to Seaworld,and I am using Undercover Tourist to plan. They have a green check mark by Sat Dec 28,but I was thinking of going Friday Dec 27. My thought process is it wouldn't be as crowded on a weekday since parents and children would be at work or school,but Saturday of course everyone would be off.

Also should I get SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration Reserved Show Seating instead of Signature Show Seating + Quick Queue Unlimited?

Christmas one has all the shows I want to go to plus something called Miracles, and Ice Skating which also interest me. However, it doesn't have Quick Queue,but then do I even need Quick Queue if I'm only getting on about four rides and will be there at rope drop?


Schools are closed between Christmas and New Year's.

Tom Morrow

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A general rule of thumb for any theme park is that Saturday is the busiest and worst day of the week to visit. That said, this is between Christmas and New Years and it will likely be very busy either way.
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