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quick tip number 2004

Make sure you never carry your purchases after buying it anywhere on disney properties..... They will send it back to your Disney resort for free and usually arrives before you get back from whatever park your at. All you have to do is ask. Saves it from being broken, dropped or hassle of carrying it on the bus with small kids.


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According to Birnbaum and Frommers, this service has been suspended. Items purchased within a park can be sent to the front gate for pick up at a later time, or for a fee you can have purchases mailed to your home.


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Remember the days when the packages were sent directly to your room? It was so much fun coming back from the park to find a bag on the bed and see whose purchase it was.


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You can still get your packages sent to your resort but not your room. The cast member will just make sure that you are not checking out the next day because they don't get delivered until the next afternoon. They are sent for pick-up to the store at your resort. We had many packages sent back to the resort when we were there in April and stayed at the Contemporary. The service was very quick, they were usually back at the resort early the next morning. It's fun opening the packages the next day to see what you bought, it's also a great way to surprise those travelling with you with a little extra treat. I did this with a Jessica Rabbit statue that my son wanted! He was very happy!! :cool:


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My wife bought a trash can (I know of all the things...) in Harambe that matched the bathroom we just painted. SHe was going to carry it around all day when I had to remind her to have it sent back to the resort. It was in the gift shop after 6 PM on the same day. Maybe this was because we were staying at the All Star Sports which is practically next door to AK?
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