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ShopDisney continues to disappoint.


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I purchased three attraction ornaments 2 weeks ago. I received them yesterday and was concerned to hear thing sliding around in the box along with rattling. When I opened the box this is what I saw.
Only one ornament was wrapped in bubble wrap. The rest were just loose or in a plastic bag.
The Haunted Mansion ornament is broken. I can try to glue the pieces back. Contacted SD and they’re refunding the money for the haunted mansion. Just can’t believe how poor that company can be.


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That really stinks, but not surprising at all this year. I've seen some sloppy packaging from vendors recently as well.

I'm trying to expand my moderate dinnerware set and use it more often, so I ordered a platter, serving dishes and a 20 piece service for 4 from a well known home goods retailer. The platter and serving dishes arrived well packed, but the 20 piece set had zero protective wrapping, it arrived in the box that would have sat on a store shelf. 3 pieces didn't survive:
IMG_20201112_162819090 (1).jpg


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i ordered some toys as a christmas gift for my nephew back on 12/6. i was getting worried that i never received a shipping update & i wouldn’t get it on time. surprisingly it came yesterday. i think this is the first time i never got any information about my order from them.


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Weve been ordering from shopDisney for years. Weve always received items from them overly well packed. This year DW placed an order, one box was well packed with lots of protection. The second arrived with very slight packing material and the items left rattling loosly inside. Fortunately there was no breakage. I'm thinking because of the season, more covid driven online ordering and the rush to get things out theres not the usual attention to how boxes are being readied. Weve seen inconsistencies in how things are being packaged and shipped from more companies this year.


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We ordered a baby yoda tree ornament from shopDisney.

It arrived in a box 12 inches square. Inside this was packing, and in the packing another box 6 inches square. Inside this was packing, and inside this packing was a wrapped up ornament.

Seems we had your packing.
lol, I think we got his also.

I ordered two mandalorian tee shirts for my adult sons. Shirts were wrapped in bubble wrap? and then inserted in an mailer. lol, I think they could drop the price 5 bucks each if they got rid of the bubble wrap.

Op sorry this happened to you. I hate when stuff arrives broken


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I ordered a disney pin, just a single pin from shop disney and it arrived in a huge 12x12x12 i was like ****** did I order, then the pin was just floating inside the box with no cushion, just a plastic wrapper.

But do not get me started on how my two boxes from the ship to home from galaxy’s edge went. Let’s just say two boxes were open and delivered as such from UPS. Disney was like prove it, but at that point it’s hard because it looks like it could had been me opening it and complaining about it, but seriously the UPS hand Delivered the boxes with the tops completely opened up, of course they were stuff missing I forgot but it Was close to 200$ worth of merch.

It took 3 weeks to settle everything with Merchandise guest services, but my last trip in November it seems they learned their lesson because everything I purchased arrived in 6 gigantic boxes lololol

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