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shipping to POFQ


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DH decided he'd rather i rent a manual wheelchair than an ECV for our trip (i'm not unhappy about that at all). he said it's better exercise for him (since POFQ doesn't have a gym) and he doesn't really want to have to break down an ECV multiple times a day. which is fair.

to be nice to his back since he's 6'2", i've decided to order wheelchair handle extenders. (already checked with the rental company - they don't offer them. none of the five disney approved ones do. since they don't permanently attach or cause damage, they said i can use them.) of course, we're arriving in NINE DAYS and the shipping is... iffy. says they ship from the warehouse in 3-5 business days and then shipping is 3-5 days. so they *could* be at my house thursday or friday... or not. we arrive on saturday. can i ship them straight to POFQ, and does anyone know how i do that? thanks in advance :)


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I have never shipped to a resort so if other can verify this, that would be great.

From the unofficial Port Orleans site: http://www.portorleans.org/frenchquarter-info.php

Ship the parts to:
GUEST: Guest or Party Name (with Room Number if known, otherwise check-in date)
c/o Disney’s Port Orleans Resort French Quarter
Post Office Box 10,000
Lake Buena Vista
Florida 32830-1000

The PO Box number throws me off a bit. You can also call to verify. 1-407-934-5000


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Receiving Mail
Guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels can receive mail during their stay. Occasionally, some Guests choose to ship items in advance of their vacation to help save luggage space.

If you intend to receive mail during your vacation, be sure the receiving letter or package:

  • Includes the mailing address of the Disney Resort Hotel
  • Clearly features the word “Guest” on the front and the date of the recipient’s arrival at the hotel


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We ship stuff all the time! I usually buy a few things we need that make the suitcases too heavy or take up too much space online...usually from walmart.com and ship it directly to the resort. Just make sure you put your reservation #. Once you check in, just ask if it shows you have packages waiting...and they can give them to you then...or take them to your room.


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It is SO easy to ship to POFQ -- its all tracked and attached to your account, so when you check in, they will bring the shipped item out to you, or get it bellhopped to your room. Remember to tip the bellhop.
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