September 2022?


Well, we cancelled our trip again. This time we'll be going for September. I've never been in September? Is it warm? My preferences are for really hot days. We use to go in July. But stopped and gone in January. This was too cold for me. Hows September overall?


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We are going Sept 22 also! We went this past September over Labor Day weekend. It was hot and humid the entire time we were there. I believe the weather is pretty much like that the whole month. We are going end of the month in 2022 and are planning on pretty warm weather.
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We also go in September and find lesser crowds are worth the humidity. Actually this year the only day I remember it being unbearable of the seven days we were there was when we were waiting for our boarding group at rise of the resistance. It was around 1:30 and we were looking for any little shaded area! It was well worth it!! Enjoy your trip.
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Its like this...

But not quite as bad as this....
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I, too, like to be hot. Or rather, would 100% prefer to be hot over cold. So September works for me, especially with the lower crowds. You do have to think about the potential impacts of hurricane season though. Have had a good number of run-ins with those, unfortunately.
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