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Seen an old Disneyland Toy Factory


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I was at the Volo museum today and seen this old original Disneyland Toy Factory machine! I got to make a goofy mold.. it was fun seeing a part of old Disneyland History and for a second pretend I was there in the 60s


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Yes the smell! It took me back to being a kid and my dad having me a gorilla wax figure made from the zoo.. I didn’t know that Disney use to have them until today

Me either. They have these machines at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, and you can make plastic Abraham Lincolns and plastic Henry Fords and plastic Thomas Edisons and plastic Ford Mustangs.

They should bring back stuff like this to Disneyland. The AP's would go crazy for it.

Rich T

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Awesome!!! My parents let me use the machine in the courtyard of Grauman's Chinese Theater. I think the figure was King Kong, but I'm not certain. For me, too, the unique smell made the biggest memory. :D

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