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seems the old sushi thread was nixed for some reason...

some other guy

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so sushi joints in Orlando-ish that are good?
Bikkuri on Colonial has been very reliable for me for ages, but I can see how on the nights their club room is being loud why it might be an issue for some. Comfy view of Colonial from the booths and they stay open pretty late, too.
I've only been to the Mikado up near 434 and 414 next to the Publix, they're pretty good handicapping for buffet sushi. Heard similar things about the other locations.


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It is still there:



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Cowfish is good and an interesting take on Sushi, but I don't know if I would go to City Walk just to eat....I usually hit it when I am at Universal anyway. I also like Nagoya near the Publix off Sand Lake.


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Sukki Hannah off of 417 in Hunters Creek Publix shopping center all u can eat - sushi, tempura, sashimi , rolls, pieces, miso soup, ginger salad , ice cream for around $25 per person. It is about 20 min from WDW. The sushi is high quality and the shrimp tempura is awesome.

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