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Seeking resort help!


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Hello friends! Will try to explain this the best I can, and it's gonna be a longish post!

In May, wife and I went to Destin, FL and we stayed at the Sandestin Golf and Beach resort. While the room itself left much to be desired, we fell in love with the resort area. They had bike trails, private beach, and a little shopping center actually in the resort with multiple dining options and small activities. The resort was beautiful and we loved that there were multiple things to do ON the resort without having to travel.

Is there any resort in the Orlando area similar with offering multiple activities on the resort? My Google skills apparently suck and would love to get some first hand experiences from anyone that has stayed in a similar spot.

At this time, I do not believe we would be looking at going to any parks - we hope to be pregnant so more just relax!


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If you're not planning to go to any parks, I think there are numerous other places to go that would be better options than Orlando. Especially for that type of resort experience.


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I don't know the specific Destin resort of which you speak, but a few Orlando area resorts somewhat come to mind. The JW Marriott Grande Lakes has a number of onsite amenities. They have a lazy river, spa, multiple places to dine, a small farm (and farm-to-table restaurant), golf, tennis, pathways. They also had some included activities some are included (feeding fish), and some for children, also things like table tennis. Some of the activities were included, but had to be booked. They offered quite a few, but my stay was very short; I don't recall what was offered. I'm also not sure how pandemic has impacted hotel offerings.

Another place/chain that comes to mind is the Omni brand. I have never actually been to the Omni near Orlando, but the Omni I visited in PA had a number of included activities. (including trails, smores, archery, ghost stories, pool.) It also had some shops and just a unique library area to hang out with games and awesome puzzles (not sure about those during pandemic). It looks to me like the Omni Championsgate has a number of included perks: spa, smores, golf, mini-golf, water slides, lazy river, tennis, and basketball.

Another hotel- though not Orlando that comes to mind is the Alida and/or Savannah Marriott Riverfront. They are located in downtown Savannah. They 2 are right next to each other, so maybe pick the one that appeals most. The lobby of the SMR is very unique, and the hotel shops and nearby shops blend together. The waterfront hotel has a neat water fountain with evening light show. Tehre is also rooftop dining, and barges travelling the river. Savannah is very walkable from either. There are free water taxis. Another option is the Westin across the river (has golf). The Alida is quiet itself, but the area feels like a populr palce to be. Lots of shops and places to eat within walking distance. If you go, be sure to check out the SCAD Experience. It is free and...well..sorta Disneyesque. (It is kinda like a walk-through ad for SCAD, but interesting to experience.)

In general, what you might be seeking is what is sometimes called a luxury resort, golf resort, and/or used to be called a 'grand resort.(Even though you aren't looking for golf, it tends to be one of the included amenities.) Some are rather fancy, some just have a number of included amenities. I wouldn't say the one in PA was super fancy, but it was very charming. There are also some island resorts that might also have what you are seeking. I've never been to Mackinac Island In MI, but it looks very quaint, so is Cape Cod and the MA islands. The east coast has a number of barrier island hotel/resort areas that might be what you are seeking. Islands though tend to be tough to get to, as they have one way to enter +tons of traffic in peak season. (or they are only accessible by ferry.)

Also in the Orlando area - smack in WDW no less, many folks rave about Bonnet Creek. It is a chunk of land that Disney wasn't able to buy, but multiple hotels are located there, with a bunch of included amenities. I keep meaning to check it out, but I have only driven by it. that might not be quite what you seek, but maybe worth a peek. The Hilton, Wyndham and Waldorf Astoria have been there for some time, while the JW Marriott is very new.
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I can't think of anything that even comes close other than Walt Disney World.
yeah nah, pregnancy means walking all over the place at WDW isn't impossible, but would be less of an interest for "loaf around"
I can def see the idea that Central FL would be good for "it's all right there" due to space limitations. Vegas might be worth a look, too.

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