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Seeking resort help!


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Hello friends! Will try to explain this the best I can, and it's gonna be a longish post!

In May, wife and I went to Destin, FL and we stayed at the Sandestin Golf and Beach resort. While the room itself left much to be desired, we fell in love with the resort area. They had bike trails, private beach, and a little shopping center actually in the resort with multiple dining options and small activities. The resort was beautiful and we loved that there were multiple things to do ON the resort without having to travel.

Is there any resort in the Orlando area similar with offering multiple activities on the resort? My Google skills apparently suck and would love to get some first hand experiences from anyone that has stayed in a similar spot.

At this time, I do not believe we would be looking at going to any parks - we hope to be pregnant so more just relax!


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If you're not planning to go to any parks, I think there are numerous other places to go that would be better options than Orlando. Especially for that type of resort experience.

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