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SeaWorld Orlando's Antarctica Ride Oddly Closed and Silent


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I think they have abandoned the ride altogether just as they abandoned the que system and 3d for turtles 360. Its cheaper with the system they have and they don't need to constantly fix the hover crafts. This is a common practice when some theme parks find a ride is no longer viable to keep. They don't demolish it but rather just let it sit. The area around it may be used for other things. Wild Arctic's que has become a howloscream house as the que for Akbar at BG has become a howloscream house. Alas I suspect the hover crafts will not be used for a long time if ever.
The website says February 2022!
Here in San Diego SeaWorld has removed the ride and will not be returning. Its was the only ride that I enjoyed. Here they have also closed all the aquariums and are building more roller coasters. If I wanted to ride a coaster I would go to Six Flags! My last trip a few weeks ago was so horrible and disappointing I only stayed an hour! RIP SeaWorld!

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