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Sea World Orlando getting a "Sea Rescue" raft ride


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This was dated on the 20th but was never posted here it seems, unless I overlooked it

Screamscape sources tell us that the next major new attraction coming to the park in 2018 will be given a "Sea Rescue" theme. According to the rumor the attraction hardware will be a rapids style ride attraction, and the first survey markers for it are said to be visible near the Passholder Lounge area if you look hard enough. Anyone want to go hunt them down and report back?

This is an interesting new development as it seems they have dropped the previously proposed Sea Rescue themed dry dark ride (see below) in favor of a new water ride.


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Can confirm.


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Happy to see this park tending towards more rides and away from captive cetaceans.
A second water ride will be a welcome addition, too. That park is low on shade, but it was hard to justify getting all wet all day just for Atlantis.


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I guess someday Sea World will be all rides- maybe with a fish tank somewhere as a throwback?

Are they still allowed to exhibit fish in a tank, or does that get you protesters, too?
It seems like that's where they're headed.

America doesn't want education on marine life and conservatiion.. we just want rides!!!!
Because, ya know, we don't have enough amusement parks..
Maybe Mako will inspire people to donate time and money to rescue facilities....

Do hashtags earn money for conservation efforts?


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They also mentioned that the passholder lounge will be closed during this construction, so I assume it's over in that area. Looks interesting!