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Sea World For Sale?


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I saw that Six Flags is potentially in talks to buy some or all of Sea World's parks. Both companies have declined to comment to media companies.

It's been very likely for some time that eventually Sea World would sell the parks. Merlin Entertainments was rumored before as being interested, now Six Flags. Seems like it's just a matter of time before someone snatchs up the chain, even if these talks fall through. It's worth noting that Six Flags already has a park in San Antonio, although San Diego and Orlando both might be appealing to the company.

Sea World just announced a third consecutive quarter of growth, so that no doubt is making it more attractive for buyers looking to expand into Florida, specifically.

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I know I've seen stuff about both Six Flags and Cedar Fair being in talks at one different times about buying SeaWorld/ Busch Gardens in general, I believe this was in October last year. Either one could definitely bring a different angle to the Orlando park at least, since there really are no Thrill parks down there closer than Tampa, which doesn't really compete with Orlando as directly. I have heard some other talk recently, but nothing about any buyers.


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I wouldn't be surprised since there's discovery kingdom, which also was a marine animal park, so six flags already knows how to run those types of parks.

I just don't expect them to keep the sea world name if they do buy them out.


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What bugs me is this...If Six Flags takes over Sea World parks & Entertainment.....Everything that looks great now will become into disrepair a few years...And that also means that if the takeover happens...Sesame Street characters can also take over the other parks across the chain and I'm fearing the worst for the Looney Tunes characters if this happens...Also would this also include Both Busch Gardens & Sesame Place as well?

Plus if they took over Aquatica perhaps they could use the old name from Dania Florida's former Waterpark besides the tiresome Hurricane Harbor...
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As a Six Flags ticket holder I would love them to buy SeaWorld. However I do agree that they need to step up their game if they are serious about playing with Disney and Universal. That said I do think they can make it and infact be the only company that could pass Merlin into 2nd place in worldwide attendance. Six Flags and SeaWorld had a combined attendance of over 51 million in 2017 which would place them 3rd behind Merlin's 66 million. Taking into account the new parks both companies have planned in China and elsewhere around the would make it hard for Universal to catch them unless Universal then went after and purchased Cedar Fair.


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This is an interesting video from Coaster Studios in regards to thoughts of what could happen and I agree that SF is mostly for the thrills and not the details and that's what the Florida parks are for Detail and Escapeism...
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