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Scooters and Buses and Waiting, Oh My!

I agree that EVERYONE who is using an ECV for the first time PRACTICE driving, steering, breaking, etc. BEFORE you leave the resort. That ONE piece of advice would solve a lot of problems loading and unloading. How many times I witnessed a person on an ECV that had NO concept of driving and backing up...It's the SAME as parallel parking, people. I usually can get into the bus and parked properly in less than 60 seconds...Why? Because I KNOW how my ECV operates, and how to use it.
If this was done by all, if would solve many complaints with ECV. Especially with rentals, many don't take time to learn it's use


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Not sure why the scooter user's party is always quoted as 10+ people but let's assume that estimate is the norm . Here's my question...if your healthy group of 10 brothers-parents,sisters-friends of friends are on line and only half can get on the bus due to capacity (let,s pretend those fat scooter people weren't on this bus) would you as a group back off and choose to ride together or would half your entourage get on and and wait a half hour or more at the other end for the rest of your group?
Part of the reason the family is allowed to stay together is for the benefit of the guest with the disability to feel part of his family group.
As far as the loading order of the scooters /wheelchairs they are are loaded first for the safety of everyone else.
Read all the angry posts about mass numbers of toes being ridden over in the parks.
I am quite skilled at handing the scooter but I have had the pleasure of trying to back my scooter in the allotted space while the bus already had people seated. You can't imagine how many people sat there not moving their feet so much as an inch almost daring me to run them over.
Exactly, not to mention when they are all sitting there staring at you it makes it very hard to handle, and on more than one occasion people have let their kids run all over the area where my Dad was trying to park the scooter and if they are trying to load more than one scooter or wheelchair its almost impossible to get them loaded with people already on the bus, it's for everyone's safety, that is why they don't let the scooter party load until they are safely loaded unless the person in the scooter of wheelchair requires help.
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