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I already booked our Honeymoon online, so I was not able to tell a cast member it will be for our Honeymoon. I do not want to just call up and say "hey the trip I just booked is for my Honeymoon" and then hang up. Or is that ok to do? I also check in on my Disney experience, so I wont be going to the check in desk. Please Help!!


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Enjoy your honeymoon and dont be focused on the perks. The perks wont matter in a few years but the memories of spending time with your love will.

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I wouldn't call.
When you get there ask for celebration buttons and they will ask what you're celebrating and write it on the buttons.
Wear them and CM's will give you congrats and you may get a treat or two but don't count on it with how many others are celebrating occasions as well.


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If you really want to show off, just wear your Mickey and Minnie bride and groom ears and you will probably be congratulated by many!
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and then hang up. Or is that ok to do?
Probably want to take your time through the conversation like normal but yeah they're literally paid to deal with spastics screaming at them, a polite call to the effect of "hey sorry I forgot to bring it up but this is going to be for our honeymoon, is there any thing I should be aware of" or something to let them warn you about the mandatory room checks and then they'll have the opportunity to bring up whatever junk the mouse wants to sell you these days.


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Not sure if you have already taken your trip or not but you can now indicate celebrations via the app. You just have to update it on your reservation online and honeymoon is one of the options!

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