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It is. Trying to twist the spread of misinformation into..umm..I’m not exactly sure what... all while giving more misinformation, such as the Breitbart line.
Kinda goes with the anti-mask thing, though.. and everything else.

Words, but nothing behind them. I’ll wait while you and Tony find all of my Breitbart stories.
Or post misinformation like political cartoons (it wasnt a meme) that insinuate refugees came in and caused a terrorist attack. And later say you didn't really look at it? We all make mistakes, owning up to them is a step in the right direction.


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Why would he mock her name when he works on the same Senate committee with her, which implies he clearly knows her name. She has a clearly minority name and is making fun of it.
Kamala is a fairly famous name, even before the Senator from California.

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But Trump doesn’t exacerbate the situation.
Wow. It's almost as if Trump is radicalizing people towards violence, and that the GOP has completely gone off the deep end because they are beholden to a hostile foreign power whose aim is destroy the US via civil war. If only there were some evidence in real-time that members of the GOP are working with GRU.
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