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I always thought we needed a thread to share any running related articles, videos, items that we come across with our running community here on WDWMagic. It doesn't necessarily need to be related to runDisney. So if you see something interesting that doesn't fit into the other threads, go ahead and post it here.

I'll start with this new race photo app that is about to be released. I'm really kicking myself for not thinking of this first.


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Interesting. a) I think race photos are dying out. Most of the bigger race production companies around me have their event photos posted for free. And now the runDisney ones are basically free (assuming one would by Memory Maker anyways) b) I'd be interested to know what the Chicago Marathon thinks of this. I'd suspect that they got a healthy chunk of cash upfront/cut per photo sold from the official photo company. Wouldn't be terribly surprised if lawyers are looking at options.
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