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runDisney Virtual Running Events


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Today, is the official start of the Virtual Series! Both individual and challenge races. Good luck to all who are participating in these events!

Have to start scheduling my 5K events. As I am running the challenge.


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They just shared a first look of the challenge medal. Not concept art, but the actual medal. The actual leaves and medal part seem to be individual pieces on the actual medal.


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Today, I ran the first of my 5K races in the Virtual Series challenge. It has been about 2 months since my last race. I am also happy to report that during this race I PR’ed! Not bad for just coming off an injury.

Here are the results:

Time: 34:30
Distance: 3.12
Avg Pace: 11:03

This takes the record away from my last outdoor 5K the Star Wars Rival Run 5K which was done in 35:14. It also takes the record away from my fastest indoor treadmill run which was held by the Princess 5K which was done in 34:51.

Last year, I also ran the challenge and for the first 5K of that challenge the Mad Tea Party 5K which was run inside on the treadmill which I completed in 49:29.

Edward Jackson

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Okay now we have entered a whole new level of crazy. What comes next? "I received my medal and the shading didn't match
up to the picture of the medal!" I think anyone who signed up for the races will be happy, as long as they are not cardboard
cut outs of the medals.

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