RUMOR MILL: Sony Pictures Reportedly Wants More Marvel Cinematic Universe Crossovers In Future


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When Sony Pictures and Disney came to terms on a new deal to keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some big changes were made to how the wall-crawler will be handled on screen moving forward. For starters, Sony will begin to use Tom Holland in their movies, while the trailer for Morbius was full of references to what's been happening in the MCU.

While that world and the "SPUMC" (Sony Pictures' Universe of Marvel Characters) will remain separate, it seems Sony is keen to continue doing business with Marvel Studios based on a new rumour shared by The Direct.

The site claims that Sony is keen on more crossovers with the MCU in order to boost their upcoming releases, with one example being Venom and other Symbiotes appearing in Marvel Studios movies (whether that just refers to Venom being in Spider-Man 3 or wider crossovers is unclear).

Interestingly, it's noted that Sony was hoping to use Captain America to help set the stage for a Sinister Six project of some sort, though that would now have to feature Sam Wilson instead of Steve Rogers. Whether Kevin Feige would be on board with this is another matter altogether, however.

It could ultimately boil down to how important Spidey is to Marvel Studios' future plans, and whether it's worth potentially damaging MCU characters in subpar Sony Marvel movies.

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It makes sense that Sony would want to continue with the MCU partnership. Sony needs the MCU a lot more than the MCU needs Spidey. It would be nice to just get all the sony marvel characters back under marvel control, but I don't see sony giving up their studios top prize.


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Yeah... I don't see Feige at all wanting to help Sony cement their hold over Spider-Man. I'm sure he and Disney are waiting for their extended Spiderverse characters (Mobius, Sinister Six, Venom 2, Sable, etc...) to hopefully tank so that Sony is just left with Spider-Man as the only marketable asset. At that point, Marvel will continue to call the shots continuing the current deal that they share Spider-Man, but not the MCU (unless it's in a a Spider-Man movie).

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