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Politics RUMOR: Lin Manuel Miranda and Weird Al to Redo Hall of Presidents

This thread contains political discussion related to the original thread topic


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Well, it would have to close first to prepare the new set-up. That could happen right now.

And close it now because of COVID.

And mold. There's lots of mold. Need to close it now because of mold.

Did I mention the rats?
That’s not a nice way to talk about these guys.

Magic Feather

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I’d be surprised if post-President Trump’s limited motion figure wasn’t already designed. Also, don’t they usually reuse the same structure for each President?

I really could see this being a quick refurb where they add Trump to the gallery, throw Biden in with a speech, and call it a day. The current show/film is definitely good to run for the next few years.

Dutch Inn '76

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Well since the presidential news has come out, what will happen to Hall of Presidents?

I would think that now they have a perceived "out." They can spend the minimum to update HoP with the President elect, and keep it rockin' along as it always has... for much less money. Now they don't run as much of a risk of political partisans making a scene over something they disagree with. But that's just my uninformed opinion.


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If Disney really wanted to make some cash, auction off the Trump figure. There will be some fanatical followers that will bid high.
It wouldn't look any better than Ellen's supposed AA.


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Weren't the most recent updates to the HoP designed to make future updates easier to implement? I believe @marni1971 mentioned that this was a 50th anniversary investment. So they knew that someone new was most likely taking office.


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If anything changes I hope it’s the ending. The music and conclusion isn’t as grand as it was previously. I think they should go back to using the battle hymn of the republic. It was a much more powerful conclusion.
Are you thinking of American Adventure? It still ends with the battle hymn.

I’m trying to remember the old end for HOP.

Edit - after watching martins tribute video - YES I agree. Battle Hymn was better. I had the endings mixed up myself!
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