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[RUMOR] - Kingdom Hearts coming back to Parks & Resorts?


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If Disney was smart, they should make some kind of themed area in one of the park to compete with Nintendo world at Universal. I would be more excited over this area than the Nintendo one since it is one of my favorite games. But knowing Disney they may do something like this in 20 years after the game is forgotten, I mean how long did it take for them to incorporate Tron?


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I remember them having a Sega Video Games section in one of the CommuniCores in the late 80's/early 90's

I think Epcot should really be like the "computer park" anyway though, since they have an "animal park" and "movie park"... and if the focus is still the "21st Century" ...people aren't all that anxious to live in cities under the ocean he in the 21st Century, but we all carry little computers around in our pockets. And as much as I loved The World of Motion, I think the current version of Test Track is what they should be aiming for with all the Future World pavilions, it should be a place that's "interactive" and utilizes the phone app and Magic Band in a broader way. The things I always loved about the original EPCOT Center were the "technological playground" "interactive" elements like the Image Works, The CommuniCores, Wonders of Life, picking you own ending on Horizons... The central idea of the original EPCOT was the "technology make life better"

HiYa Pal

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As someone who LOVED playing Kingdom Hearts, it actually got me back into gaming after many years, while I think it would be neat to see this, I'd be over it after 1 time. I'm sure Disney focus grouped the heck out of bringing them to the parks when there was more synergy, but probably came to the same conclusion I just did.

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