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[RUMOR] Epcot Character Additions and Changes coming this November


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I have heard recent rumors per @SpectroBro and @rteez that Ralph and Vanelope will be heading for Epcot in November to promote Ralph Breaks The Internet. They will likely join Baymax, Joy & Sadness in Character Spot. In the past, I have heard rumors that Nick & Judy would be meeting in Epcot, however that turned out to be a hoax more than anything (they will be meeting during MVMCP). With this being said, Ralph and Vanelope are likely to return to Walt Disney World by the end of November. I might say the same thing about them returning to Disneyland for that matter.
Newest details.


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The third character being considered for coming for EPCOT is not, I Repeat not anyone from Zootopia. The only two characters planned to have mainstream meets from that movie are Nick and Judy. {Edit: Grammar and Clarification}
Out of pure curiosity, who was the third character who was supposed to join Judy and Nick? Obviously it didn’t happen, but I still want to know haha.

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