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[RUMOR] Epcot Character Additions and Changes coming this November


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I should note that per various sources, there has been "chatter" going on since November that Nick & Judy could be meeting at Epcot, at Showcase Plaza, where Pluto currently meets. Haven't heard much since March, but I believe there is chatter going around. Pluto will be relocated elsewhere in Epcot.
In addition, @dcharacternews, the source behind the Nick & Judy rumor speculated back in April that Miguel Rivera from the upcoming Disney-Pixar Film Coco will also be meeting at Epcot, most likely somewhere in the Mexico Pavilion. No further details about Miguel at this rate.
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To me, it's great that they would finally have a meet & greet as characters from what was arguably Disney's most popular movie of last year. On the other hand, it almost seems like it's a bit too late since the movie is almost a year old at this point. Then again, that didn't stop Baymax and Joy & Sadness from appearing at Epcot. Who knows?


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Not that they will but I could see their presence as an indicator of a possible Phineas and Ferb/Kim Possible type interactive game using the animals native to a country's culture or region.


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What's the tweet say - their tweets are private.
It is a twitter account of an CM that is assumed to be working in the character department. The tweet says Nick and Judy are coming but so is one more character. They do not mention who.


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UPDATE: I just learned, through Twitter, that an additional character will be joining them as well. Who this character that will be joining them is not known right now, but we could be learning more sometime within the next few weeks or so! Keep abreast.
Update! Just learned of this.