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Rumor and Upcoming Timeline Tracker

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EP: August: Mission Space update
EP: August: Universe of Energy closes for GotG ride
EP: Sum of All Thrills Reopens (?)
HS: August: TGMR closes for Mickey's and Minnie's Runaway Railroad
HS: December: Star Tours gets new scene from Ep. 8
MK: will Hall of Presidents ever reopen?
MK: Aug 28 - Nov 16: Splash Mountain refurb (back of stage infrastructure stuff)
MK: Stitch in perpetual seasonal mode awaiting for a decision for a replacement
DS: December: La Nouba closes / Edison opens?


HS: Memorial Day likely: Toy Story Land opens
HS: Little Mermaid show replaced... maybe


EP: Space Restaurant opens
EP: Spaceship Earth gets a regular refurb
EP: late in year: Gran Fiesta closes for a Coco overhaul
EP: fall: Riviera DVC opens
HS: fall: SW:GE opens
HS: fall: Mickey's and Minnie's Runaway Railroad opens
HS: December: Star Tours gets new scene from Ep. 9
HS: one of these likely to be replaced: Beauty and the Beast Stage Show, or, Indiana Jones Stunt Show
WDW: 2nd/3rd Quarter: Skyline (gondola lift) opens


EP: 3rd Quarter: Rat Ride
EP: Coco overhaul opens at Mexico pavilion
EP: Innoventions overhaul (most likely demo'd)
EP: Illuminations next version
MK: new theater behind Main Street opens
MK: Big Thunder Mountain finally gets the SFX that the DL version has

EP: Spring: Guardians of the Universe of Energy opens
EP: Spine renovation
EP: some sort of UK Ride
EP: Brazil pavilion opens, or 2022
EP: Nothing happening in Wonders of Life until maybe at this time or later
HS: two of these likely to be refreshed: Beauty and the Beast Stage Show, Indiana Jones Stunt Show
MK: 50th Anniversary
MK: New Night Time Parade
MK: spring: new TRON Bike coaster (keeps covering over outdoor section)
MK: Speedway overhaul done (likely a TRON theme)


EP: 40th Anniversary
EP: Maybe an Imagination renovation, or 2023


EP: thee new national pavilions by then... maybe
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Don't forget about potential parking garages. Priorities Mr Penguin, priorities.
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Thank you! This is wonderful. Will you be editing the OP when new info arises? It's so hard for me to track down new insider info when it's on page 90/105.
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