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RUMOR!-Agent P's World Showcase Adventure being replaced.


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Still would be a BETTER idea if Disney got the rights...


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I was told Ducktales, simply because all of the Agent P sculpts are easily interchangeable for Duck sculpts, and multi-generational awareness as MansionButler brought up.
Yes it would certainly be cheap and integrate a current IP. Sounds like a slam dunk to those who write the checks. For what it’s worth, I’d play once or twice! For me, this and Wilderness Explorers always seemed to be better integrated than the MK’s similar offerings, both of which mostly clog already-congested areas.

Magenta Panther

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I wasn’t throwing it out there for no reason.

I understand it’s Ducktales. For several very good reasons, not the least of which is that parents watched the ‘80s version and kids like the new version.

The new Ducktales is a triumph. David Tennant does a very good McDuck, and the inclusion of Donald is a major plus. True, the new duckling voices are still a little jarring (and to me, an unnecessary change) but I'm getting used to them...

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