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Ruin a Beloved Movie!


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So basically, the objective of this thread is to take a universally acclaimed (or at least popular enough) work of cinema and implement a change or two so that it ends up being awful. I'll start by ruining a handful of animated Disney classics:
  • Change Ariel's mermaid form in The Little Mermaid so that she has the head and body of a fish and the legs of a human.
  • Turn Rescuers Down Under and Atlantis: The Lost Empire into cringeworthy musicals. (The saddest part about this is the fact that these would have likely done better at the box office than the actual films themselves.)
  • Have Belle and the Beast immediately fall in love with each other instead of getting to know each other over the course of the film. By doing this, an entire plethora of plotholes will be opened up throughout the film (especially since Belle isn't supposed to know at first that the Beast was once a human prince).
  • Have Mufasa survive his tragic fall in The Lion King, completely eliminating all of the movie's emotional weight; OR...
  • Have Mufasa gobbled up by a random giant sky rhino instead of being murdered by his brother.
  • Make the gargoyles the main characters of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Quasi himself is now a one-dimensional side character who exists purely to satisfy the gargoyles' goals throughout the film. To ruin the movie even further, all the dark stuff that made the movie awesome in the first place is cut out entirely.
  • Have Hades voiced by a serious British dude. (I believe that was the original plan for his character in the film.)
  • Have Li Shang look down as he sings the line "Mister, I'll make a man out of you!" The movie would have ended a lot sooner if this happened.
  • Replace Phil Collins with Randy Newman in Tarzan.
  • Turn Emperor's New Groove into a full-blown musical, ultimately making the movie significantly less funny and more pretentious.
  • Set Lilo & Stitch in rural Kansas instead of Hawaii. (Again, this was actually the original plan for the film.)
  • Momoana (self-explanatory)
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I've got a couple more ideas in mind...
  1. The Empire Strikes Back: Instead of revealing himself as Luke's father, Darth Vader reveals Luke's parents as a pair of nobodies who abandoned him early on.
  2. Princess Mononoke's conflict is resolved with a big tap-dancing number at the end.

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