Rope drop EMH or rope drop another park?


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if you had Park Hopper tickets What would you do? Rope drop an EMH park stay till park is crowded around noon then hop to another park (maybe after a hotel rest) or rope drop another park stay till around noon then go to another park (also after a small breakšŸ˜‡)??


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I like EMH for a few hours. And as you say, once it gets crowded you go back to your room for a rest, then into another park for the evening.


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We rope drop non EMH parks because usually that extra hour of sleep is worth it and we still get plenty done by rope dropping normal hours. Before we had kids we would hit both morning and evening EMH but now itā€™s just harder to get everyone up and ready.


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We try to rope drop EMH parks and stay till lunch. I say "try" because after closing down the park that had evening EMH's we are a little slower moving in the morning.


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I have done it a couple of ways. Rope drop the EMH and leave when the crowds start coming in. I have also found if there is a park that had EMH the night before we go there at rope drop and it seems less crowded.

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