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Rock 'n' Roller Coaster audio synchronisation


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I wonder how they stored and organized the audios in the Limos, like are they on a hard drive that is permanently in the vehicle ? Or are they loaded from a server that's in a room each time ? And how does the system that tells the vehicle to play "this sound when the vehicle is there" work ? etc.
Thanks a lot in advance for your answers , RNRC is my favorite ride :)


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Audio is stored in solid-state memory onboard the trains. To the best of my knowledge, the RnRC trains in Florida have a very rudimentary audio cue system. At the start the coaster is given the "go" signal and it just plays the track. There's no adjusting for slower or faster trains.

One ride we were sitting at launch, the music kicked in, and then we didn't launch. The full audio track just played out while we were sitting there. When we did eventually launch we rode with no music.

This is contrasted with something like Space Mountain Paris, where it was built with a system that knew where on the track it was. The music was written so that the system could extend some notes or start the next section of music early to account for varying train speeds or holds at launch.

I don't think RnRC ever received that tech.


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