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Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster to be Re-Themed?


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"Here is a look at what Disney is doing and why — along with the risks involved in such an aggressive undertaking.."

RR Retheme.png

'Re-themed roller coaster"


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I think there was some talk about something like this when they modified the preshow video a while back? 20 years of the ride is coming up next year, the contacts may be ending.


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I'll miss Aerosmith and RnRC. I've always really enjoyed the theming.

Maybe the new coaster will be Monster's Inc themed? We're getting a Mike and Sully M&G nearby and there's a Monster's Inc Disney+ show coming, Lightning McQueen is moving in next door, and the Incredibles is down the street from TSL. Wouldn't surprise me to see more Pixar content on that side of HS.


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The also call out the overhaul of "Future Showcase" in Epcot. Main stream news sites like that often get the details wrong when it comes to things like this.

You are most likely correct.

BUT - I wouldn't put it past Disney to do something bone-headed like rename the Communicore/Innoventions to "Future Showcase" as a complement to World Showcase. Thereby freeing up the rest of what once was Future World to be IP craziness.

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