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rivers of light dinner package


Active Member
does anyone know if the akl rivers of light dinner pack is going to be offered in october
going down for 15 days end of october
for our 40th anaversary


Well-Known Member
Just to tip you guys off - the dining packages from Oct onward are loaded into the reservations system but have not yet gone live.

They should show up on MDX, but they won't be bookable for a few more days for dates from Oct and later.

I'm checking daily to try and snag one.
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Big Hair

Well-Known Member
I tried again today and no luck. Hopefully tomorrow, 1st business day of the week. I am hoping for a day between the 25th and the 31st of October. What a pain. Everything else is all set except this
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Active Member
It looks like October times are available now. I'm trying for a 11/28 ROL package reservation so I keep checking, and November isn't out yet but some dates in Oct are. Right now there's lunchtime availability at Tiffins and Tusker on 10/31.
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