Riding all 47 rides in 1 day, they did it...


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I can't imagine a more meaningless Disney pursuit. It's like trying to eat everything in a buffet, you might could, but what's the point and how would you feel the next day?


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Ah, the efficiencies of not having to use a ride swap because of kids. I miss being able to move from ride to ride and knocking them out.


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All rides? Or just the ones working that day...'cause PoTC never breaks down....


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I did 36 one day. Didn't care to get all of them...and still wanted time to eat lol.
Tell me about your day. How did you do it? I like to consider myself a park commando, but obviously I have much to learn.

Until this morning, I was proud of myself for doing 22 rides, a Plaza Inn character breakfast and Blue Bayou dinner at Disneyland this past November.


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I was pretty impressed with their park hopping strategy. I would love to know their FP+ strategy as well as their park to park travel modes. Certainly a combination of strategy and good luck since a single ride at the MK going down during EMH would have dashed their whole day. They were also a bit lucky that the MK was pretty much empty (by MK standards) by around 1030 or so that evening and the EMH crowd was particularly light. One thing for sure is that without PM EMH at the MK I can't see how this could be done. 16 minutes to spare in an 18 hour day is cutting it too close in my book.

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