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Ride the Comix

S.I.R. the Robot

Original Poster
As a fan of superheroes, this attraction would've been my favorite at DisneyQuest. It involved using a joystick to fight villains in a virtual world. All the villains were based on Disney Villains. For example, Mistress Khan was the Evil Queen, Ms. Skinner was Cruella DeVil, Tzuan was Maleficent, the Toymaker was Stromboli, Zeebub was Chernabog, and Captain Bonz was Captain Hook. I am missing one more villain. But Philip Prince, the hero in this attraction, was Prince Philip.

I have gotten in contact with the writer of this attraction. He appreciates my efforts to make a new Ride the Comix. I have made pages in my userspace on the Disney Wiki for the new characters in mine (including an evil TOM 2 expy.) Philip Prince will be voiced by George Lowe hopefully. There will also be Atax, a Brainiac expy who will be voiced by Corey Burton (using his voice he used for the TRON Superspeed Tunnel on the Disneyland Peoplemover.)

I hope people remember this attraction.

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