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Most people know that lines are short during SpectroMagic and the Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. However I have some suggestions to add to that.

I've found that Tommorowland is still busy at this time, so you might want to avoid it. I've seen Space Mountain still at 60 min. wait times during an average attendence day.

I reccomend Fronteirland. Around parade time I made my way over to Fronteirland and rode Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain with virtually no wait (ususally some of the longest lines in the park). I then had enough time to move into Adventureland and get on one of the last Pirates boats for the night. All in about 40 minutes! Not bad considering Splash Mountain is a long ride.

And remember, during parade time, use the boadwalk off to the side of the main road in Fronteirland, and at closing time, cut through the gift shops to avoid the Main Street crowds.
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