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I have a question for those who are tech savvy and into Christmas lighting and such. I know the use of RGB Christmas lighting is starting to become more plug and play and being able to be controlled through your phone such as the Twinkly brand.

Is anyone aware of other brands out there that are similar plug and play that can attchive the same effects as the Twinkly pro lights and the circular lighting patterns? This effect kinda of reminds me of the Mack float from Disneylands Paint The Night Parade.

Also I have found, oddly only by one company, Fiber Optic Christmas Trees and garland called Northern Lights that have similar RGB patterns.

I have two questions in regards to these Fiber Optic Trees. Is Hammacher Schlemmer the only company out there that sells these type of Fiber Optic Trees? And technology wise which would you say is more advanced and “upcoming”? It seems as though both the Twinkly RGB lights and Hammachers Fiber Optic trees are capable of achieving similar effects? With the Fiber Optic trees being more “Full of color” and more elaborate looking where as the Twinkly RGB lights are more bright, loud and fun? I have also realized you would have to have a tree packed full of the Twinkly lights in order to give a “full” effect.
Twinkly just came out with pre lit trees... but I’ve read reviews saying they do not come with enough lights to give a really full effect.

I am not sure how Hammacher built those trees and from doing some research they seemed to be the only company that sells anything like it? I have been keeping a eye on them the last few years and they also seem to sell out each year and great reviews. This year they came out with a 9 foot version. I have just been hesitant on purchasing as they are pricey and I’m not sure if I want to invest in a Fiber Optic tree or go with the Twinkly RGB lights?

Any advice? Thanks all!
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There are lots of manufacturers... just google fiber optic Christmas tree and whatever height you're looking for. There are two typical varieties... those that are all just fiber optics and those that have regular branches with fiber optic enhancements. Light patterns and modes are all in the control system.

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