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I'm due to travel from the UK to WDW later this month and I am in the process of booking the required Covid tests. I've booked my test to get into the US, so am now looking at booking my test to get back into the UK at the end of my trip. As of writing, this must be a PCR or Lateral Flow (but not the free NHS one) done in the 2 days prior to departure to the UK.

Have any of my fellow UK travellers done a pre-departure test in Orlando if so, where, what was the cost and what was your experience like?

Bonus Question: If you've attended a sporting event during a recent trip, were you able to use the NHS app as proof of vaccination? (I've got tickets to Magic v Bulls)


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if so, where, what was the cost and what was your experience like?
Here's my $.02, hopefully things are better in Florida, but so far in Massachusetts their almost no self testing kits available to be purchased, but when I did buy them, they were about 24 dollars each.

Testing sites were generally booked well in advance, and even then drive up sites close due to demand by 9:00am. I've seen news reports last week where people were waiting 5+ hours for the test and that was arriving at the site at 5:00am.

I'm not saying this to scare you, and Florida may very well be better run, but rather do not delay in scheduling the test given the high demand. Hopefully with the holidays now in the rear view mirror, the demand for testing sites will decrease but with Omicron increasing we've not seen that here in Massachusetts.
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