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Restaurant Marrakesh - opinions?


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I have this booked for our upcoming trip but I'm starting to get cold feet after reading some reviews. Any feedback from those that have eaten there would be appreciated.

Also - is it true that there is no air-conditioning? I read that in somebody's review but find it hard to believe.



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My wife is extremely picky about food and had some concerns as well. However, it turned out to be one of her all time favorites. My advice would be to not think of the food descriptions in their literal sense.... The combinations may sound a little off, but they definitely work well.


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One of the few places I'll never visit again. The first few bites were not bad. But it got old very quickly and no one in my party wanted to eat even half of what they had. The spices also really affected our stomachs poorly. It's one of the few polarizing restaurants on property. People that love it will swear by it. Others like myself think it's awful. You never know till you try it! :D


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We booked this as it was the only country we hadn't dined in. By the entrance they have a picture album of their dishes which was good because it gives one a visual of their meal. We sat at the table right next to the musicians. Never saw the bellydancing. The only issue we had was my chicken kebabs was to come with potatoes and my niece's lemon chicken was to come with rice. They were backwards when served and the waiter noticed and said they would replace it. (And I hate sending food back.)

They brought the plates out again and we didn't realize at first but their idea of replacing it was switching the meats. He should have said "replate" it. Both plates now had potatoes and rice on them. (Not that I expected them to cook everything over but with the price you pay you'd hope they'd get it right.) We just kinda laughed about it and shared all our food. We must have been there at an off time too because there was A LOT of staff standing around watching people eat.

Overall the food was good. Would I eat there again? No but it's worth a try. I will say the amount they charge for a children's meal is ridiculous considering it's basically the same thing they serve at QS.


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The food is blander than you would get at most Moroccan restaurants. The lamb was pretty tender though so it worked out. Plus a women shows up and starts dancing in a skimpy outfit so you might not even be paying attention to the taste of the food anyway.


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We ate there last time and enjoyed it. We got a table that was close to the music and belly dancing so that added to the experience. I don't remember specifically thinking about the air conditioning, but I'm pretty sure there was air conditioning.


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We went there in the middle of one of the hottest days in June on our last trip and didn't want to leave because it was so nice and cool. But that wasn't the best part of the experience, the food and service were! Yes the food is not your standard American fare but it was quite yummy!
Figgy only went for the bellydancing ;)

Never had a bad meal there personally but everyone is different.I can't stand Le Celier yet everyone raves aboot it . my advice is to try it you just never know,you know ..


Went there once - everything was filthy! The silverware was so dirty - apparently for everyone - that they had a server with a basket of "clean" silverware walking around the restaurant. Even the replacements weren't clean. On top of that, the food was terrible. I thought I was eating parchment paper for dessert. Never again!!!!!


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I like the ambience and the show, but I'm a bit of a picky eater and the only thing that I will eat on the menu is the kabobs. I do like the rice as well. The kids just aren't thrilled with the menu choices. We haven't been in awhile because there are lots of other places that they would rather eat. It also annoys me that I spend so much money on my daughter's dance bills, yet they suddenly get shy when the dancer pulls them up on stage and won't perform. LOL


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Not a fan...food was overcooked back in '06 when we ate there. Like any dining experience it can be hit or miss though...I say try everything at least once!

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