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Resort Hopping


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We stay off property in a timeshare, but we like to visit the different Disney Resorts to shop or just wander around. In the past, we have shopped at Disney Springs and then hopped on a bus from there to whatever resort we wanted to visit. Is that possible now, or do you have to have a dinner reservation?

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As long as you are using Disney transportation it's a non issue.

I also think I saw the other day that they were lifting the restrictions of needing an ADR if you drove your own vehicle but to be honest its probably just as convenient to go the DS route.
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It's always been dependent on capacity and the guard in question. The Contemporary has for the most part restricted visiting by car for years.
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Parking at Springs will be fine, for parking on resorts its hit or miss without reservations depending on how busy they are (usually harder with resorts near parks like the monorail loop or boardwalk due to people trying to park there to go to the parks.
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