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Resort Discounts


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We are planning on a trip this Fall if Covid appears to be stabilizing.

My question is can you apply Annual Pass room discounts on top of the regular/seasonal (35%-20%) discounts for a single room/stay or do you have to choose one or the other? If that is the case which one is typically better and are there stay minimums/limits for AP room discounts?

Btw..were looking into a multi resort stay (will be a 3 week stay altogether)
Resorts were looking into are:

Beach Club (if club level is open by then)
Animal Kingdom Lodge ( if club level is open by then)
All star movies (for my son...its his fav.)
AoA suites (multi family members for portion of stay)
Caribbean Beach
Saratoga Treehouse (again for multi family memeber stay)
Port Orleans Riverside (if open by then)
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Disney isn't selling APs currently, so not sure how soon you're looking to book for this fall. Not sure if they're even going to have APs out by then.


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Agree with @NelleBelle....APs may not be for sale this summer/fall (and you would need an AP to access AP discounts, as well as any type of ticket to make park reservations at 60 days.) Club level at any resort is also not likely to return by fall. Pandemic restrictions and current protocols may be in place until 2022. Since there is no way to know for certain, a realistic approach is to plan your vacation for how things are now and hope things get better. You can always adjust if closed resorts reopen, club level resumes or APs are back for sale.

To answer your original question, you can never “stack” discounts. In general AP room discounts run 5% higher than general room discounts, though not always. The Chase Visa discount for rooms in Jan/Feb 2021 beat the AP discount. The limitation of an AP room discount is there must be a Passholder in each room booked. No minimum stay required.

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