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resort deals question


I am going down to disney july 15th, I was wondering if anyone knows if disney is going to offer any upcoming deals for selected resorts, I know there was a recent one that expired.

I would really like to get a deal.



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hey there!! Go to the Disneyworld website as fast as you possibly can!!! They are running probably one of THE best offers Disney has ever done there. The short version is you buy 4 nights of resort and park tickets, you get three more free!!! You are getting seven days for the price of 4!!!If you go to the Disneyworld website there is a box that says Vacation savings on your left hand side. Click that and you can read all about the package & book it online. If you want to talk to a person to book it, which I prefer, once you get into the page it has a telephone number in the upper right hand corner. The name of the deal is the Fairytale Package. Good luck and let me know how it goes!! I have heard these packages are VERY popular so dont wait!! Good luck!! Belle
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