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Resort Bars / Lounges Specialties!


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I read in another thread that there doesn't seem to be much in the way of specialty cocktails specific to Disney owned resort Bars and Lounges due to the well known Resort wide cocktail menu.
Well this thread is to show how that is not exactly true.
My plan is to post a Resort Bar/Lounge to include Disney Springs and list what it has to offer that others around property do not
If you know of a drink I do not have listed please comment to add! :cool:

Here we go I hope you enjoy :D

__Resort Table of Contents__

All Star Movies (pg. 3 post #45)
All Star Music (pg. 3 post #51)
All Star Sports (pg. 2 post #35)
Animal Kingdom (pg. 1 post #2)
Art of Animation (pg. 2 post #38)
Beach Club Resort (pg. 1 post #3)
Boardwalk Resort (pg 1 post #4)
Caribbean Beach Resort (pg, 1 post #5)
Contemporary (pg. 1 post #6
Coronado Springs (pg. 1 post #7)
Disney Springs (pg. 4 post #68)
Fort Wilderness (pg. 1 post #8)
Grand Floridian (pg. 1 post #9)
Old Key West (pg. 1 post #10)
Polynesian Village Resort (pg. 1 post #11)
Pop Century (pg. 1 post #13)
Port Orleans Resort (pg. 1 post #12)
Reflections Lakeside Lodge (pg. post #55) no items on list yet
Riviera Resort (pg. 3 post #53)
Saratoga Springs (pg. 1 post # 14)
Star Wars Resort (pg. 3 post #54) no items on list yet
Wilderness Lodge (pg. 1 post #15)
Yacht Club Resort (pg. 1 post #16)
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Animal Kingdom Lodge

__Jiko __ (Cape Town Lounge & Wine Bar)

Cape Town Coffee
Hangout in Capetown
Harmattan Cooler
Mt. Kilimarita
Nutty African
Victoria Falls Mist


Frozen Slushie (Flavor changes seasonally)


African Star Cocktail
Kande Coconut Cooler
Malawi Mango Margarita
Painted Lemur

Uzima Springs__(updated)

African Sunset
Flamingo Mule
Safari Mudslide

Victoria Falls__

Barrel Aged Manhattan
Flame Lily
Mt. Kilimarita
Nyami Nyami
Seychelles Martini
Victoria Falls Mist
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Beach Club Resort

__Beaches and Cream__

"Adult Hard Floats"

Ace Pineapple Hard Cider
Classic Rootbeer Float
Grasshopper Float
Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit
S'mores Shake
Stout Float
Tropical Sunrise Float

__Hurricane Hanna's Grill__

Category 5
Storm Chaser

__Martha's Vineyard__

Candy Cane Martini (seasonal)
Cotton Candy Mimosa (seasonal)
Jelly Bean Cocktail (seasonal)
Wine Tastings and Flights
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Boardwalk Resort


The Sour Assistant
Collins Double
The Conjurita
Coney Negroni
Elixir 13
Magic Hattan
Magic Mirror
Parlor Trick
Peppers Ghost
Seashore Sweet

__Belle Vue Room__ (Updated)

Bee Drop
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini
the Shadow
Sriracha Bloody Mary

__Boardwalk Joe's__

Disney Select Margarita
Captain's Seaside Sensation
Frozen Margaritas - Grand, Strawberry (flavors change often)
Marvelous Watermelon Margarita
Mandarin Kiss
Over Ice Margarita's - (Flavors change often)

__Flying Fish__ (updated)

Boardwalk Cafe
Maple Bacon Fig Manhattan
Peanut Butter Freeze
Pink Grapefruit & Lychee Martini

__Leaping Horse Libations__

Fun House
Magical Leprechaun (seasonal)
Rollercoaster Meltdown


Nightly special served in a red plastic cup

(Looking for more info - If you know of any drinks I have missed please PM me or reply below)

__Tratoria al Forno__(updated)

Aperol Spritz
Blondie Bellini
Italian Manhattan
Life is the Bubbles
Magic Flower
Molto Bello
Thing-A-Ma-Bob Bloody Mary
Trattorita (seasonal)
The Snuggly Duckling
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Caribbean Beach Resort

__Banana Cabana__ (updated)

Banana Cabana
Bourbon Breeze
Captain of the Port
Caribbean Mai Tai
Caribbean Smuggler
Gold Medallion
Goombay Smash
Hoist the Colors
Jamaican Frozen Runner
Kraken Punch
Mariner's Mojito
Pink Guava Colada

Centertown Market Bar__

Frozen Tropical Colada

__Sebastian's Bistro__(updated)

Barbados Lily
Caribbean Mai Tai
Caribbean Smuggler
Gold Medallion
Goombay Smash
Hoist the Colors
Island Time Seasonal Margarita (Flavor changes seasonally)
Jamaican Old Fashioned
The Lost Cargo
Tawallah Punch

__Spyglass Grill__

Spiked ‘Ortanique’ Lemonade w/Light or Dark Rum
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Contemporary Resort

__California Grill Lounge__

19th Hole
California Coffee
French Martini
Golden Gate
Pomegranate COZ
Ray Ray
Simply Nutty
Twisted Mai Tai

__Sand Bar__

Bourbon & Strawberry Sour

__Wave Lounge__ (Temporarily closed for refurbishment or restaurant retheme)

Bay Lake Sunrise
Forever Young
Under the Florida Moon
Under the Florida Sun
Wavesicle (Best adult Creamsicle I have ever found)

Bay Lake Tower

__Top of the World__

Bay Lake Sunrise
Bay Lake Sunset
Discovery Island Fizz
Monorail Yellow
Seven Sea Lagoon (shareable cocktail)
Tip Top Colada

__Cove Bar__

Standard Bar menu still looking for specials
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Coronado Springs Resort

__Barcelona Lounge__

The Armada
Brandy Antigua
Build Your Own Gin & Tonics
Cafesito Conquistador
Cafe Carajilo
Cafe Delicioso
Costa del Sol
Gran Gin Tonic
Melon Margarita (Secret menu item)
Pomelo Daiquiri
Sangria Tinta
Santa Maria Collins
Sherry Cobbler
Spanish Margarita
Tini Sucio

__Dahlia Lounge__

Alla Prima Manhattan
Cafe Carajillo
Cafe Delicioso
El Pepino
Gran Gin Tonic
La Lavanda Gin TOnic
Tequila Daisy
Tini Sucio
Vino Daiquiri

__Laguna Bar__(updated)

Cancun Colada

Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita
Everything Hurts
Fresh & Green
Fuego Verde Margarita
Laguna Azul

Mayan Mule
Pina Loca Margarita
Sangrita Freeza

Tropical Spice Margarita

__Rix Sport Bar__ (updated)

Barrel Aged Chicory Manhattan
Cucumber & Jalapeno Margarita
Dark & Smokey
Elderflower G&T
Everything Hurts
Honeysuckle & Lavender Lemonade
The Michelada
The Palmetto
Rose Sangria
Sweet Tea Old Fashioned


The Besito Margarita
Blood Orange Margarita
Cancun Colada
El Mojito
Fiesta Margarita
Juniper Fizz
La Classica
Laguna Azul
Mango Blueberry Basil Margarita
Mango Gingerita
Mango Loco
Sangria Brisa
Sangrita Freeza
Sangria Roja
Siestas Spritz
Wildberry Margarita


Alla Prima Manhattan
Destino Gin Toni
El Pepino
Espumoso Punch
Manzana Fizz
Sangria Tinto
Tequila Daisy
Vino Daiquiri

Three Bridges Bar and Grill__ (updated)

Amaretto de Verano
Cafe Carajillo
Cafesito Delicioso
Espumoso Punch
Gran Gin Tonic
La Fresa Limonada
Mango Fresco
Maracuya Mojito
Port de Colada
Santa Maria Collins
Sherry Berry
Sherry Cobbler
Spanish Margarita
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Fort Wilderness

__Crocketts's Tavern__

Blackberry Colada
Blackberry Lightnin'
Blackberry Moonshine Tea
Black Smoke
Davy's Lemonade
Luna Colada
Moonshine Daiquiri
Moonshine Mojito
Mountain Mary
Mountain Sunrise
Smokey Mountain Apple
Southern Moon Tea
Strawberry Lightnin'
Strawberry Mimosa
Wagon Wheel

__Meadows Snack Bar__

Blackberry Colada
Blackberry Lighnin
Davy's Lemonade
Luna Colada
Moonshine Daiquiri
Strawberry Lightnin
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Grand Floridian Resort

__Beaches Pool Bar__

Pineapple Dream
The St. Augustine

__Enchanted Rose __

Aura in Me
Berkshire Pork Belly
Floral Bitter Beauty
French Rose
Garden Daisy
Island Rose
Lavender Fog
Rye Not?
Seasonal Old Fashioned
Sunny Margarita
Tableside Cocktail - Amour
Tableside Cocktail - Envie
The French 75


Antica Umber
Citrus Bellini
Citrus Golden Margarita
Florida Manhattan
Nolet Silve Sicilian
Purity Champagne Martini
Sempe Cocktail
Tropical Mojito

__Mizner's Lounge__ (Closed)

Grand Cocktail
Grand Cosmopolitan
Kir Royale
Rusty Nail
Mizner Cooler
Salted Caramel Manhattan
Sun Kissed Cocktail

__Narcoossee Lounge__(updated)

Fizzy Flordian
Narcoossee Lemonade
Narcoossee Nutcracker
Narcoossee Sidecar
Nutty Irishman
Tropical Infusion Martini
Winter Light's Martini
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Old Key West Resort

__Gurgling Suitcase__

Goombay Smash
Key West Freeze
Key West Loaded Mary
Olivia's Strawberry Lemonade
Papa's Den
Parrot Punch
Peppermint Patty
Purple Hooter
Slappy Joe's Bourbon Berry Lemonade
Sultry Seahorse
Turtle Krawl


Jamaican Coffee
Keoke Coffee
Key West Bloody Mary
Key West Freeze
Key Lime Pie Martini
Olivia's Strawberry Lemonade
Papa's Den
Rum Runner
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Polynesian Village Resort

__Barefoot Pool Bar___(updated)

Frozen Margarita w/Dole Whip Lime
Island Moonshine
Jingle Juice
Melon Colada (new)
Rose Gold Margarita
Samoa Sunrise
(secret menu item)
Spiked Kakamora Float (secret menu item)
Tonga Tea
The Voyager

__Kona Café/Island__

Kona Cool Sundown
Tropical Wine Slushy
Wasabi Mary

__Luau Cove__ (Spirit of Aloha)

Fire Knife Quencher
Island Breeze
Pele's Fire Punch
Tiki Mai Tai

__Oasis Bar & Grill__ (updated)

Big Island Ice Tea
Bloody Mele
Frosty Pineapple
Lava Flow
Luck of the Tahitian
Moscato Colada
Niue Rita
Pago Pago Painkiller
Seven Seas Salted Caramel
Sunken Treasure

__Tambu Lounge__

Dragon Iced Tea
Hawaiian Mule
Island Sunset
Lapu Lapu
Polynesian Mai Tai
Puka Punch
Tropical Macaw

__Trader Sam's__

Castaway Crush
Dark & Tropical Stormy
Grunts Grog (secret menu item)
Heart of Polynesia (secret menu item)
Hippopto Mai-Tai
Krakatoa Punch
Mosquito Mojito
Polynesian Pearl
Rosita's Margarita
Rum Flight
Shipwrecked on D Rock (secret menu item)
Shrunken Zombie Head
Spikey Pineapple
Tahitian Torch
Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum
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Port Orleans Resorts

French Quarter

__Margi Grogs__

All That Jazz
Front Porch Freeze
Gata Melon Juice
Nola Cola

__Scat Cats Lounge__

The Big Easy
Big Easy Sangria
Blue Bayou
Cajun Creamsicle
Jazz Apple
Ramos Fizz
Southern Hurricane


__River Roost__

Ramos Fizz
Southern Hurricane

Muddy Rivers__

All That Jazz
Front Porch Freeze
Gata-Melon Juice
Nola Cola
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Saratoga Springs Resort

__Turf Club__

Mint Julep
Preakness Cosmopolitan
Saratoga Cocktail
Three Minutes to Post Time
Travers Stakes
The Blue Jockey

__On the Rocks Pool Bar__

Citron Slush
Disney Select Old Fashioned
The Fresh Real McCoy
Mandarine Dream
Millionaire Margarita
Mint Julep
Moscato Colada
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Wilderness Lodge

Artist Point__

A Brew of Peaches
Enchanted Apple
Evil to the Core
The Antidote
The Smoking Mirror

__Geyser Point__

Apple Mule
Black Cherry Mule
Blue Wilderness (secret menu)
Cascadia Sangria Cocktail
Huckleberry Punch
Northwest Iced Tea
Olympic Mountain Mule
Whippersnapper Sour

__Territory Lounge__

Northwestern Exposure
Pear Blossom Cosmopolitan

__Whispering Canyon__

All You Care to Enjoy Shakes w/Liquor of your choice
Moonshine Flights
Moonshine Lemonade
Moonshine Margarita
Mountain Trail Cocktail
Pa's Maple Shake
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Yacht Club Resort

__Ale and Compass__

The Big Apple
How Dare You
Hudson Mule
Galleon Gimlet
Just Peachy
Maple Old Fashioned
NE Avenue
Purple Mariner
Royal Manhattan
Seaworthy Breeze
Spicy Pomegranate Margarita

__Crew's Cup__ (updated)

Black Cherry Twist
Eco Tini
Grand Smash
Maple Old Fashioned
Santa's Little Helper (Christmas Special)
Strawberry Julep
Tennessee Honey
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What a great resource. I love trying out new bars and lounges but get really bored seeing the same old drink menu from place to place.

If anyone knows of any location specific beers please add them on, I believe they had some at the Territory Lounge last time I was there.

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