Reservation Phone Line, or Online?


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The date to make my dining reservations is in less than a week. People with experience, is calling and making reservations with a person better than doing your reservations online, or should I make the reservations online?? Any help, tips and advice would be appreciated! FIRST TIME!


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I have always made my reservations online and been just fine. Of course, I'm at the computer the minute the window opens, too!


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The size of your party can make a different with this.

Also, at times the phone app can work better than the website, or vice versa.


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That's 6 AM, correct?
6am EST for online, 7am EST for phone. I prefer online... it just takes extra steps out of the equation, in my opinion. Make a list of your most hard-to-get ADRs and book them in that order, rather than chronologically. Good luck!

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Well you'd be an hour late to the game if you wait to make ADR's by phone since you can make them online at 6am eastern and the phone lines don't open until 7am eastern.
Also its soooo fast and easy to make them yourself especially on the app.


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I second online! In the past, I did have to end up calling a few 3rd party restaurants directly. I booked reservations 2 weeks ago 2 hours later than I wanted to and there was so much available! Places that are normally tough to get into like homecoming, brunch at the top in the contemporary). You'll be fine!
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