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Replacement for Tomorrowland Speedway?

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So what KrazyKat posted a few pages ago?


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If they do build the Tron coaster, let's hope they do a better job of hiding the show building

It's visible from multiple angles

Its no better on the coaster itself. When reentering the showbuilding you are just going into a warehouse.

The potential for sightline issues with this ride worry me a lot. I don't understand how the view shown in the picture was EVER allowed.
It was overseen by the same guy who blew off Bob Gurr and then delivered an updated monorail that had no ventilation and no longer fit on its beamway.

I don't understand the problem?
It's not as though the building is say Flight of Passage, or Battle Front, where the ride is supposed to be hidden by natural formations.
Or Potter, where we ware supposed to be in some far off land of castles and dragons.
I don't get how seeing the Tron building ruins anything.
It’s a giant warehouse. It has no visual connection to anything else, including the roof structure that ate up so much money.


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Space Mountain is staying right???????

Anyone, anyone, bueller...

Curious about this too. It seems odd to have 2 coasters right next to each other with such a similar theme. One themed to be futuristic and one themed to be futuristic...if it were still 1977 and the future included rickety tracks, music you can barely hear, and a dirty roof.

How do they reconcile these issues? How you do you sustain Space Mountain when it would be inferior to the shiny new coaster right next door?
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Exciting times!

I thought the speedway was outdated in 1999 so whatever replaces/updates it can only be an improvement.

I believe they can layer this up on a few different levels and take up a lot less space, and maybe fit something next to it. I feel like Fantasyland needs more space and this is the obvious spot for that.
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