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News Reimagined Toontown coming

In the Parks
Is Disney's Hollywood Studios is adding Maroon Studios / Toontown with Roger Rabbit attractions in the future because DL doesn't have NEW Roger Rabbit presence in Toontown reimagined.
Dude, I know you're obsessed with Roger. It's NOT happening. The character is not considered popular or marketable to current Disney management, regardless of how wonderful he is. Time to move on.


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Yeah. They rebranded it to be more focussed on Chip and Dale…while also doubling down on the Rescue Ranger references. Honestly though, I think it’s an improvement. Many people (myself included at one point) thought it was named after Inspector Gadget, which makes no sense.

My only real point of reference for it was that it was a little kiddy coaster inexplicably sponsored by Sparkle paper towels.

Because... little kids like to help clean up their messes? 🤔



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On the topic of Roger, I don’t think the attraction was updated in any significant way. All effects look to be working, but nothing in terms of projection mapping or things like that.


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In the Parks
On the topic of Roger, I don’t think the attraction was updated in any significant way. All effects look to be working, but nothing in terms of projection mapping or things like that.
Probably in the future, which Roger Rabbit may get a sequel or live action / animated TV series for Disney+.


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With Pete finally making a proper meetable appearance at the Disney Parks. That now leaves Mortimer Mouse (Mickey's rival)

And Fifi The Peke (Pluto's love interest and Minnie's Pet)
View attachment 704443

As the only characters from "Mickey and Friends" and the Classic Disney Shorts that have yet to have walkaround versions.

Heck, if Clarice (Chip n Dale's love interest) is able to become a meetable character at the parks. Then I think Fifi the Peke (Pluto's love interest and Minnie's Pet) should get this treatment too.
View attachment 704444
I agree! I think they should make a costume of Mortimer Mouse and Fifi the Peke! I mean, after all, Disney did brought her back on Paul Rudish's Mickey Mouse shorts and Chip n Dale Park Life.


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Also the new fountain:

Where are the turtle, frog and fish that were in the concept art? Those were nice little references to the old cartoons!

I believe the fish is derivative of one of the fish from "How To Fish", the Goofy cartoon on fishing, while the frog is from "The Old Mill". The turtle, meanwhile, Pluto had had a brush with on more than one occasion.

Now that I think about it, this improved Toontown appears to really lean in more on the newer TV shows, not just the "Mickey Mouse" series, but the Disney Afternoon shows as well, what with the references to "DuckTales", "Goof Troop" and "Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers". I think the original Toontown had references to the old shorts to offset things, but it doesn't seem to be the case now.


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Weird that they have Chip n Dale figures without their Rescue Ranger outfits next to the figures of Gadget and whatever that giant fly is called.

Inspired Figment

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Whole project reeks of inner factions battling it out. Hence why it seems like one clueless faction wanted to theme the entire land to pandering soulless preschool Clubhouse & parody Ren & Stimpy style modern Mickey shorts and the other passionate/competent faction that gets the importance of ‘all age appeal’ & ‘thematic integrity’ was like, screw that, it’s Toon Town, it’s supposed to be a tribute to all the classic toons. Hence the history queue for Runaway Railway, the Rescue Rangers theming in the “Gadget Coaster”, keeping Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, the Goof Troop/Goofy Movie references in Goofy’s & Pete’s homes, etc.

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